Transit companies moving to Electric buses in the US

More Transit Companies moving to Electric buses in the US

The simple fact of the matter is that not only do city transit organizations need to make the move to the electric bus, but so do commercial fleet owners.



There has been a push in recent years for improved emissions control in our vehicles.

For municipalities, that means making the shift from the traditional diesel bus to something that is either hybrid or full electric in nature.

There has been a move from a large transit bus company to provide those electric buses. For the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO), it is a transition to fewer carbon emissions, greater fuel efficiency, and reduced costs in public transit.

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The Impact of the Electric Bus

The simple fact of the matter is that not only do city transit organizations need to make the move to the electric bus, but so do commercial fleet owners. There are more than a few reasons to do so, chief among them being carbon emissions.

That said, making the move to any hybrid or fully electric drivetrain can also have benefits for those organizations. For one, it means reducing maintenance and fuel costs over the long-term. Those can add up substantially in a short period of time.

The most important is the environmental impact that it can have. Being able to reduce emissions drastically can start to undo some of the damage that diesel emissions have been causing to the planet.

NEBR is shaping up to be the leader in the space thanks to the ability to offer entirely new fleets or to retrofit old ones with current hybrid electric tech. It is the chance that organizations need to take the step into the 21st century and do their part to deliver fewer carbon emissions.

Environmental Impact

Without a doubt, the biggest impact of the electric bus is the reduced carbon emissions. Research has shown that electric buses have the capability of delivering, on average, 75% fewer carbon emissions than traditional diesel buses. With the right filters, that number could potentially jump to 90%.

Diesel emissions are a nasty thing. They have ozone precursors, dioxins, arsenic, formaldehyde, and many other toxic chemicals that get put back into the air. It is of little wonder how air quality has experienced such a sharp decline throughout the decades.

Companies in general are needing to do their part to reduce those emissions. By making the move to the electric bus or having their current fleet outfitted by NEBR, the move can be done in short order and start delivering results.

Transit companies moving to Electric buses in the US

Reduced Costs

Where organizations, both municipal and private, will see the greatest impact is in savings. The upfront costs of hybrid and electric buses may be a bit higher than traditional diesel but the savings over the long-term can be substantial.

For starters, there are fewer components in the hybrid and electric bus compared to a traditional diesel engine. That means parts wear at a slower rate, extending their life substantially. Not only that, it means a lot less maintenance because there are fewer components to wear down as well.

That’s not even taking into account the potential savings to be had in fuel. Although hybrid vehicles will still use fuel from time to time, the amount would be drastically reduced. Making the switch to hybrid or fully electric buses not only means greater carbon emissions reduction, but potentially huge savings in fuel over the life of each vehicle.

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Greater Fuel Efficiency

For hybrid buses, fuel is still part of the equation but at a much lower clip. Even better, that fuel is now used in more efficient ways than ever. It means getting the most out of fill-ups and spending less time pumping diesel.

For municipalities in general, savings are always a good thing. Budgets can get tight, which can mean not having enough money for other community issues. By being able to substantially increase fuel efficiency, it means huge savings over the life of those buses. They are the gift that keeps on giving.


Private and public organizations should be making the transition to the electric bus sooner rather than later. Reducing carbon emissions is the most important part but there are more than enough perks to make it worth the switch.

At the end of the day, however, it is about making a positive impact on the environment. To do that, it means making the switch to hybrid or all-electric buses and reducing carbon emissions drastically right now.

With the help of NEBR, it means providing the opportunity to both private and public organizations to purchase a new fleet or upgrade the current one. There are too many benefits to ignore, making any upfront costs more than worth it in the long run. Make the switch to hybrid or full-electric today and begin doing your part for the environment through emission reduction.

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