Heavy Bus Suspension Repair & Overhaul

Heavy Suspension Overhaul

NEBR conducts Bus Suspension overhaul and bus suspension rebuild services in accordance with the factory OEM specification for the complete front suspension. We inspect all shock mounts and below plates for cracks corrosion or damage. All mounting hardware will be torqued to the OEM specifications.


The center and rear suspension are rebuilt in line with the scope using all OEM components. All fasteners are torqued to the OEM specifications.

Heavy Suspension Overhaul

NEBR delivers All Aspects of Heavy Suspension Overhauls.
Truck & Bus Suspension Repair and Overhaul

Suspension Services

Having been in business for over 25+ years, NEBR has been challenged with multiple Bus Suspension Repair deadlines and we are proud to say that we have never missed a commitment.


In each and every project NEBR has always put forth the skill, knowledge, and follow through to complete projects on or before schedule. NEBR uses its project management expertise to breakdown specific task into stages.


These stages are then prioritized and combined to produce a completed product in the fastest, efficient, and most proficient manner.


In the interest of time, these stages are not always accomplished in chronological order, rather they are completed with the least amount of downtime for any particular vehicle. Using this method puts into action each float vehicle to keep the project flow moving from stage to stage.

NEBR’s success originates in our commitment to initial and recurrent training, and we strive to have our technicians be the most skilled and well trained in the industry.


The technology of today is advancing at a very rapid pace and effective employee training is crucial in keeping pace with these changes. NEBR has developed a progressive, incentive-based training program to offer our technicians the opportunity to continue their training and education to advance their careers and keep abreast of current industry standards.


This path will also serve as a guide for each employee as to when they will become eligible for advancements related to their salary upon completion of each classification. We feel that a well-trained workforce is integral to the success of NEBR and to maintaining our high level of service to our clients.


To exhibit how important this continued training is to NEBR we had proposed that our Training Program be included in the CBA with our employee’s union. IMA Lodge It 447 and Lodge 264 respectively. The program was approved and is in place under the current agreements.

NEBR will work with the OEM to establish a Min/Max level to have in stock until the completion of the project. NEBR can leverage its working relationship with the OEM’s involved in this project to prepare for any lead times that might be in place for particular parts/components.


NEBR will be in close contact with the OEM’s on the day of the award to put in the process these orders.


As it pertains to the as-needed Parts/Components, and upon the approval, NEBR will utilize the Stock Parts/Components to install on the vehicle.


The NEBR Procurement Specialist will monitor the stock levels and adjust accordingly to the use during the project.


Each bus will have a designated Kit that will contain all of the parts necessary to complete the vehicle overhaul. This will allow NEBR to maintain strict, well-organized inventory controls [Ultra-caps Retrofits].

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NEBR services some of the largest municipal bus fleets in the United States.

Our current customer base consists of but not limited to:
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